Anstrex Review: Best Native Ad Spy Tool of 2022

Native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear. 

Native ads are often found in social media feeds, search engines, or as recommended content on a web page. Unlike display ads or banner ads, native ads don’t really look like ads. They look similar to the editorial layout of the page. The main feature to native advertising is that it is non-disruptive, as it exposes the reader to advertising content without grabbing too much-unwanted attention.

Because the purpose of native advertising is to blend into the form and function of the content around it, it can be difficult to spot. Here is an example of native advertising in the Search Engine:

Native ads have two primary goals:

  1. Positioning a brand image in the consumer’s mind.
  2. Driving consumers to take a particular action as in the case of the search engine ads above.

Why should you use Native Ads Spy Tool?

The native ad spy tools search the Internet and find native ad units on websites, indexes them, and allows the user to search and sort through them. They also put index to the landing pages the native ad units are linked to.

Native Ads Spy Tools are weapons for marketers to track their competitor’s strategy and spend, or to simply monitor trends in ad space of competitors. The marketers can gather important lessons by analyzing campaigns that are already successful.

Publishers can use such tools for the same purpose. In addition, publishers can find new premium advertisers and see expenditure shifts in the market place. While many tools also track display, they spy on native ad units enabling users to benefit from their competitors’ information.

The information gathered can help improve programmatic native ROI by uncovering competitor’s strategies, finding top converting landing pages and discovering high-performing placements and publishers.

There’s another category of vendor represented that gives visibility and attribution within the mobile app environment. Mobile apps are notorious for not correctly reporting analytics. This category checks this problem and allows marketers to accurately see the performance of their in-app native advertising.

Anstrex Benefits:

Anstrex vendor boasts 20 native ad networks tracked, over 5.5 million native ad units, almost 54K advertisers, and tracking in 15 countries. It’s a tool for advertisers, content creators, direct sales marketers and affiliates. Allows language filtering and integrates with Alexa and Similarweb.

Its benefits include:

  1. Save On Marketing: Know what’s working before you launch a campaign by spying on the best in the business.
  2. Quickly Test Any Landing Page: Rip any landing page, customize it and deploy it on server within a few minutes.
  3. Learn Their Secrets: Powerful filters lets you see what your competition is running…and where.
  4. Drive More Traffic: Full Alexa & SimilarWeb integration tells you from where your competition is getting clicks.
  5. Get Deep Data Insight: Get data insights that no other platform can offer. Geo partitioning algorithm takes into account traffic patterns in that particular location to provide extremely accurate data for each country.
  6. Find Better Offers: Use our revolutionary Affiliate Offer Wall to see which affiliate offers the masters are selecting and running their campaigns from ads through landing pages.
  7. Speed Up Your Time to Market: Get months’ worth of unbeatable research at your fingertips in minutes with advanced search features.
  8. Keep Up on Competition: Set up alerts and find instantly when new ads are launched.

Anstrex Pricing: A Comparative Analysis

They have 3 pricing packs with and without the following features:

Push Only$79.99/month/userNative Only$59.99/month/user
Push + Native$124.99/month/user
15 Push Notification Ad Networks 27 Native Ad Networks 
15 Push Notification Ad Networks 
Push Ads from 92 Countries Native Ads from 64 Countries Push Ads from 92 Countries
Real-Time Push CPC Bids & History15 Push Notification Ad NetworksReal-Time Push CPC Bids & History
27 Native Ad NetworksPush Ads from 92 Countries27 Native Ad Networks 
Native Ads from 64 CountriesReal Time Push CPC Bids & HistoryNative Ads from 64 Countries 
Most Advanced Searching & FilteringMost Advanced Searching & FilteringMost Advanced Searching & Filtering
Landing Page Ripper & DeployerLanding Page Ripper & DeployerLanding Page Ripper & Deployer
Online Chat SupportOnline Chat SupportOnline Chat Support
Unlimited Alerts On CompetitorsUnlimited Alerts On CompetitorsUnlimited Alerts On Competitors
2-day No Obligation Trial Period2-day No Obligation Trial Period2-day No Obligation Trial Period

Also, Anstrex provides a 48hr money-back guarantee, in case users buy their packs and do not like their services, opting out of the plans within 48 hrs guarantee 100% money back. In a way, this is the free trial period scheme given by Anstrex to its users.

Anstrex Dashboard Overview

Anstrex gives an ad traffic overview detail on the basis of different traffic channels.

It allows you to choose Ad network type from existing ad network options available: 

Choose Mobile or Desktop Traffic High performing ads

Choose your Language with Category of your choice 

Anstrex Product Features 

Anstrex has a range of features that work for both the push ads spy tool and native ads spy tool. The platform has the same interface, where one can switch from one spy tool to another without issues, if you are using two spy tools in one account. 

The following are its features:

Landing Page Ripper

Anstrex offers high quality screenshots of the entire landing page. But if one wants to use the same landing page themselves (or edit pages to their liking), they can use the Download and Deploy option. With this, users can download the entire page (complete with images, css and js) and upload it to their servers. Users also have the option to edit the landing page using Anstrex WYSIWYG editor.

Alexa and SimilarWeb Integration

Anstrex can filter and sort ads based on Alexa ranking, so users can find which creatives and domains are ranking best on their domain. SimilarWeb integration within the tool also allows users to search for similar pages within a domain or based on keywords.

Advanced Filter Options

Anstrex provides users with the following filter options for easy usage:

Category Filter
Ad Network Filter
Language Filter
Country Filter
Affiliate Network Filter

Advanced Search Filter (using Boolean Logic)

Dropdown filters can be quite limiting at times; especially if what users are looking for is not available in the options. Anstrex finds a solution with the use of Boolean Logic Filter where users can search for ads and landing pages based on a combination of keywords, categories and other parameters.

Affiliate Offer Wall

Anstrex allows first-time novice users to Affiliate Offer Wall to find ad creatives and landing pages based on the offer. Users can find the ads which perform well by sorting them according to how long they have been running. It is assumed that the longer an ad is running, the better performing it is. The offer wall also displays the date the offer was first and last seen, its domain name, which affiliate networks have it in their database, and which native ad networks are showing ads for the offer.

Data Insights

Aside from gathering ads text, images and landing page, Anstrex collects deeper data about ads, such as traffic patterns, ranking, bids, and more. Users are also able to view the ad gravity and ad strength of each, based on the past and current performances of the ads.

Alerts Option

This feature also allows you to use Boolean logic to filter recent ads based on keywords, choice of ad network, country and more. Users will then be alerted of new ads coming in based on their filters. Users can choose whether or not they will be notified via email, and how often.

Anstrex Free Trial

The best part about Anstrex is that, it provides 2 Days Free Trial and if somehow users are not satisfied with their services any reports within 48 hours of starting the trial will get users their money back. 

The best part of Anstrex is that it gives a full 48 hours trial period is 100% Risk-Free. Anstrex definitely saves time and money of users and users don’t have to risk their investment as it provides the 100% Free Two Days trail. Download the tool from their official site:

And somehow if users are not satisfied with the services of Anstrex then they can notify them about the same and get their entire pack amount paid back. This serves as the best about this tool.

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Anstrex Alternatives List


Allows users to view real in-depth website engagement, traffic sources, and site ranking information with SimilarWeb extension.


Alexa is a useful resource for people to discover information about websites like free web traffic metrics, top sites lists, site demographics, hot urls etc.


SEMrush is competitor research keyword tool with a regularly updated database of over 88 million of the most expensive keywords used to drive traffic to websites.

Advanced Web Ranking

Knowing ones position in the search engines is one of the most important factors that can affect their online business.


Keylogs helps users find better search console insights faster. Dive into your rankings right on Google’s pulse.


Advanced keyword research platform for online marketing; organic optimization and paid keyword research and planning.

Social Meter 

Social Meter gives social media stats in one click and allows users to share, like and comment counts for all top social media services.


Adbeat makes digital ads working for users in a new level. Users can enjoy the impressive benefits and become a big player in the industry by using this tool.


Without having any second thought we would like to say that Anstrex is one of the best and legit Native Ads Spy Tools. With the help of this tool, you can easily explore all of the advertising campaigns along with all of the data insights that you need to make your competition better.

With the help of this tool, you will be able to see and download all of the best landing pages. Anstrex offers all of the superior search and the filter capabilities, you can filter the ads by the Ads Network, Country, Platform, Ad Strength, Affiliate Network, Language along with the category and many more filter too.

The best part that we like most about the Anstrex is that, it provides 2 Days Free Trial and if somehow if you are not satisfied with the services provided by then you can tell them within the 48 hours and you will get your money back. You can easily follow the link given below to claim your Free Trial below.

We hope this tool suits your purpose well. Feel free to drop your views and opinions about Anstrex right in the comment section. If you find this post helpful, share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.