Keyword Spy Review: Best Free SEO & PPC Keyword Research Tool 2022

An excellent keyword research tool has been created by the KeywordSpy founders, which will tell about those keywords that are being used by the client’s competitors for advertising their business. These keywords are used to increase the ranking of a particular website on the various search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, and so on. It is a completely web-based tool that will make it easy for the users to gather, create, and compare keyword ad campaigns. This software will act as a catalyst to boost your website’s ranking and traffic. This tool is capable of indexing affiliate keywords, PPC keywords, organic terms as well as organic phrases.

The software provides a huge collection of keywords database that is stored and can be searched in any manner. The database of KeywordSpy is daily updated in order to increase the client’s keyword research experience. By writing queries with the KeywordSpy tool, you can get competitive data in large amounts, which can be used to obtain further benefits. There is no doubt that KeywordSpy is an official keyword library available online. Keyword research is a valuable activity which yields high returns in the field of search marketing. This software is the best for those who opt for pay-per-click method of advertising.

Keyword Spy offers 3 different accounts.

  • Research: The Research section extensively focuses on competitors and general market research. Keying in a domain name gives you a quick overview of competitor’s adwords keywords, their ad copy as well as organic traffic keywords.  A key feature that gives KeywordSpy an overwhelming edge is the support for data from dozens of countries. Most tools offer research just pertaining to the US and maybe the UK or Canada as well. With KeywordSpy you get access to data from over 30 countries!

You will notice that KeywordSpy keeps the interface simple. On the surface, the tool seems quite bland but you can drill down deeper by clicking on individual keywords and then proceed to find more competitors eventually gathering a comprehensive field to work with.

  • Tracking: Tracking is a different part of the PPC game where you master the keywords you are about to target once you have collected them using the research tools. In essence, you should be looking to use both sets of tools in order to gain the maximum out of KeywordSpy. Keep a tab on all three main search engines and analyze keywords on a daily basis from an organic and paid standpoint. If you are looking to start with a limited pool of keywords, you might want to try the keyword overlap tool and analyze different competitors to find out the common keywords among them. This should suggest (not entirely) that these keywords should be performing well. If you are more into organic keyword growth, the same tools such as the overlap tool is also available for organic keywords. Tracking allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your landing page. It also gives you suggestions on how to structure your landing page which can be quite useful. Ideally speaking, if you are on a limited budget, you would benefit more from the research tool. That being said, if you are looking to run campaigns on all 3 search engines, Tracking can certainly come in handy.
  • Professional: This feature is not available in the basic plan but a must-have for PPC users who are mainly focused on affiliate marketing. In fact, a large area of KeywordSpy’s Research tool focuses on affiliates. The Affiliate tool gives you an idea of what tools the top affiliates are promoting as well as the keywords they are targeting to rake in the profits. KeywordSpy also sells a separate information product to help affiliate marketers make more money with their search marketing efforts.


The key features of this powerful tool are as follows:

Competitive Intelligence: Easily uncover the competition landscape by knowing your competitors’ PPC and Organic campaign strategies in seconds.

Keyword Research: Build a profitable list of keywords using your competitors’ keywords and by accessing a massive database of related and similar terms and phrases.

Budget Statistics: Know the ad spending of your target sites for you to benchmark your ad campaigns against other advertisers in your niche.

Market Reports: Get a detailed list of the top sites and keywords in the online industry. Check out who made it on top based on different search advertising criteria.

ROI Indicator: Pinpoint exactly the profitable keyword and ad-copy combinations of your competitors without the hassle.

Advanced Searches: Get exact data needed by having powerful searching options such as searching by domain, keywords, destination URL and ad copy content.

Daily Updates: Enjoy the benefits of getting real-time and accurate data for you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Advanced Metrics: Measure the effectiveness of keywords based on gauging statistics such as Cost per Click, Search Volume, Position, and other valuable metrics.

Pay Per click Tracking:

PPC Competitive Intelligence

  • Top Competitors in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • PPC Keyword Statistics at a glance
  • Side-by-side ad copy comparison across Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Landing Page Intelligence
  • Advertiser gap analysis across Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • Tracking for over 30 countries and markets

Competitor Research

  • Summary of PPC Campaign of a specific competitor
  • Research and drill into competitor’s campaigns
  • Historical Ad Archive
  • Generate related keyword phrases
  • Keyword Overlap Comparison
  • Watch List Management

Alerts and Monitoring

  • Alerts you to new keywords and ad copies of your competitors
  • Alerts you to new competitors in your market
  • Alerts you to new threats in your competition
  • Alert Recipient Identification

Organic Tracking:

Organic Competitive Intelligence

  • Top competitors in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Organic keyword statistics in just few clicks
  • Real-time organic listings in search engines
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Gap analysis across Google, Yahoo! and Bing

Competitor Research

  • Summary of organic campaign of a specific competitor
  • Research and drill into organic competitors’ campaign
  • Discovery of other keywords your competitors are using
  • Organic Keyword Overlap Comparison

Instantly launch a profitable affiliate campaign:

  • Over 1,27,000,000+ keywords
  • Multiple keywords scans per day
  • Advanced wildcard searches
  • Reveal top products & super affiliates
  • Ad copy ROI detection

KeywordSpy Products

KeywordSpy Agency Product

The KeywordSpy Agency Product is a powerful set of privileges that provides advertisers, publishers, affiliates, and companies with better handling of the KeywordSpy platform by allowing a greater number of search queries and exports, plus multiple user access.

If the quota and limitations of the KeywordSpy Research and Tracking platforms are not enough to satisfy your needs, the Agency package is the answer to your requirements.

The KeywordSpy Agency package delivers the perfect pairing of providing “more search queries + more exports” allowing SEO and PPC marketers to have access to the date they need to remain competitive.

KeywordSpy Enterprise

The KeywordSpy Enterprise suite is the most comprehensive package of KeywordSpy tools, allowing you to get every PPC and SEO analysis tasks done faster, better and easier. You can even request customized reports and data to be generated based on your business needs and allow KeywordSpy reports to tap directly to your pre-existing database via an API.

Overwhelmed by an expanding digital universe of PPC Marketing and Search Engine Optimization? Or you simply want regionally-targeted KeywordSpy data for particular countries and markets? The technological advances in the ability of the KeywordSpy Enterprise package to digitally process and merge PPC and SEO information of sites and keywords answer your need to use customized KeywordSpy reports to be easily merged into your pre-existing database or website.

Benefit of these packages

  • Completely customizable results and queries
  • The ability to target your countries and markets
  • Access to the KeywordSpy API
  • Defined reports based on your company’s needs

KeywordSpy Dashboard

This tool makes use of the “what you filter is what you export” strategy in downloading data. It can be further simplified that when results are sorted using a specific keyword with a specific ROI value, then by clicking on the export icon, keyword data beyond that specific value will be displayed. This is achieved by first filtering the results and saving the export limit daily for all other keyword files. The KeywordSpy will display those ads affiliates in-front of you, which your competitors are using to advertise their websites.


The prices for different products are different but it is guaranteed that these rates will be very reasonable. The rates are determined for monthly basis and include some additional features also. Basically, the rates of KeywordSpy depend on the type of package which the customer wants to avail. The research package cost is $89.95, which is best suited for small scale advertisers. This package is used for understanding strategies and researching competitor’s keywords. The cost of tracking package is $89.95, which is suited for both real time trackers and the small advertisers. The professional package price is $139.95 which is good for mid-level businesses.

  • Research – the pricing for Research starts at $89.95 per month.
  • Tracking – the pricing for Tracking starts at $89.95 per month.
  • Professional – the pricing for a month in Professional plan is $139.95

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This tool defaults to Google UK since it’s developed by a UK team, so if you’re using it in the US, you’ll have to change it to Google US. The nice thing is that it also has options for several other countries and returns results in language.

The free version of this tool does limit you to 100 keywords, so while it’s useful for high level ideas, it’s not a keyword research substitute.

Another nice feature is the ability to order the cloud visualization it returns – by Adwords competition or by search volume. Since the cloud already “orders” the data by showing high volume words in larger font, I generally choose to order by Adwords competition.


This tool is also a paid tool with a free option, but unlike other free options, I think this tool provides just enough data in its free application to be useful. One element that I like in SEMRush that I haven’t seen elsewhere is the metric for the number of results in Google. That’s this number for any given search.

The number of results is useful because it essentially shows you how big the competitive field is for a keyword. Instead of showing you just the number of competitors, or who wants to pay for it and how much, it shows you that there are (in this case) 145 million other pages that use this term in a way that Google feels may be relevant. Here’s where you see this metric on SEMRush.

Round Up:

By knowing the most frequent keywords used by the client’s competitor, the clients themselves can include those keywords in their websites which will increase their ranking in various search engines. Moreover, the clients can also create better keywords on the same pattern of their competitor’s keywords, which will be more beneficial for them.

It is one of the best keyword research tools offered by a company and is worth its value. Once the customers purchase it, surely they will never face any problem while searching for keywords and will be a step ahead from their competitors. The return which the customers will get after purchasing and using this software is commendable. The rates of the service packages provided by KeywordSpy are very low as compared to other competitors.

After going through a lot of reviews given by the KeywordSpy users, it can be said that the product is really good and a must for all business owners. It not only saves time but money of the clients also. Using the right keyword will help to increase the traffic of your website and advertise its features and services.

It is recommended to buy KeywordSpy software because it provides a great way to move ahead of your competitors using their ways of advertising their business.

Buyers will get full returns on their investment in the form of an increase in their business and hence in their profit percentage. The investment is less but the output is high which you can see for yourself after using the product.