Similarweb Review: Best Website Traffic Statistics & Market Intelligence 2022

SimilarWeb is a global cross-device market intelligence company used by 100,000s of businesses worldwide, including Google, eBay, Nike, and United Airlines, to discover, decide and deploy their digital strategy. SimilarWeb has raised $65 million to date and currently employs more than 250 people across 8 global offices. SimilarWeb was recognized in 2015 as one of Europes top 100 fastest growing companies by Red Herring, was selected by Wired Magazine as one of the hottest 100 start-ups.

SimilarWeb Pro is a popular BI solution, known by its competitive online intelligence and web measurement. Using the biggest international online panel, the tool offers website analytics tools that allow you to see traffic statistics for any of your websites. This, in turn, enables you to look at website traffic as well as traffic acquisition strategies for various sites simultaneously. Overall, SimilarWeb helps keep an eye on your complete business health, track opportunities, and make smarter business decisions.

The tool’s insights help companies, marketers, publishers, and analysts to review their performance against competitors. By enabling them to compare website traffic, SimilarWeb Pro helps them find new ways to boost their traffic and discover new growth opportunities to broaden their audience. What is even better is that SimilarWeb is a quote-priced system, where each client receives a price tailored to his needs and financial capacity. A free plan for startup users is also provided.

Who Can Use SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb’s innovative market intelligence solutions empower businesses to make better decisions, and can be used in the following sectors:

Marketing: Empower Marketing Teams to Drive Growth

  • One-stop shop to find growth opportunities across all channels by revealing your competitors’ marketing strategies: search, display, content, affiliate and media buying activities
  • SEO & Content: Grow your organic traffic by optimizing your share of voice per keyword; create more effective content by identifying trending keywords and the most viewed content of any site
  • Affiliate & Media Buying: Build, grow and monitor your affiliate partnerships by discovering what works best for your competitors; reveal the most valuable partners with the highest relevance to your offering
  • PPC & Display: Effectively direct ad spend by seeing where your competitors are advertising; reveal competitors’ creative, landing pages, ad networks and placement strategy

Research: Make Strategic Decisions Based on Deep Market and Competitive Analytics

  • Market Mapping & Benchmarking: Identify and benchmark the key players in a competitive set; Evaluate the emerging or declining performers; Determine industry trends and strategies that can be replicated
  • Channel Acquisition: Evaluate the effectiveness of how competitors are acquiring customers; Determine the channels and approaches that can be most efficiently leveraged
  • Customer Behavior: Determine the demographic makeup of the customer base relative to competition; Identify the sites consumers are visiting and the content they find most engaging
  • Funnel Optimization: Compare the conversion rate to competitors and identify improvement areas along the purchase funnel; Determine the opportunity loss the client is facing to competitors

Sales: Enhance performance throughout your sales funnel

  • Find, enrich and qualify leads to increase sales opportunity
  • Generate the insights you need to perfect your pitch
  • Monitor website traffic statistics to boost retention

Investors: Answer Investors’ Most Critical Digital Questions and Surface Key Digital Signals

  • Map: Define and assess markets, understand competitive landscapes and analyze key industry trends
  • Source: Be the first to identify outliers and opportunities, and leverage digital signals to track and qualify acquisition targets
  • Evaluate: Insights to evaluate performance, break down digital strategies and benchmark against competition and market leaders
  • Monitor & Grow: Monitor portfolio market share to maximize growth potential and identify exit opportunities

Benefits of SimilarWeb

Created for companies of any size and type, the tool can be used by any company with a website and trying to expand its website’s reach. SimilarWeb Pro is also beneficial for huge companies for their merger and acquisition activities as well as marketing expansion endeavors. Some of the firms that are currently using this tool are Taboola, PayPal, Outbrain, Eventbrite, eBay, and

  • Easily allows deep insight into the websites and the internet.
  • Helps with prospecting; insightful for learning about companies
  • Great insights into the target accounts web traffic/advertising data
  • The sheer quantity of data available and the overall accuracy of link sources and traffic sources

Similarweb Review: Marketing Solution Benefits

  • Serve Your Entire Marketing Team: Save your dollars for campaigns with one solution to serve the entire marketing team
  • Global Data Coverage across All Devices: Providing coverage for more than 190 countries across desktop, mobile web and apps
  • Simple & Intuitive User Interface (UI): Surface key insights with our simple & intuitive UI, no training necessary

Similarweb Review: Delivering Insights throughout the Consumer Journey

  • Awareness: Consumer becomes aware of a brand, product or service
  • Consideration: Consumer considers potential websites from which to buy
  • Evaluation: Consumer evaluates product and potential purchase channel
  • Purchase: Consumer selects what they are going to buy and from where
  • Experience: Consumer experience influences the chance of further purchases

Similarweb Review: Empower Sales Teams with the Insights They Need

  • Lead Generation: Leverage market intelligence to unlock new prospects from SimilarWeb’s database of over 80M websites
  • Lead Enrichment: Improve your lead scoring and routing process by adding more relevant data points to every lead (unique visitors, geography, paid traffic, HQ location, and more)
  • Sales Engagement: Empower your sales organization with the insights they need to convert more opportunities into new business with a tailored, consultative sales approach
  • Account Management: Understand and monitor the digital strategy of your customers to strengthen relationships and identify upsell opportunities

Similarweb Review: Additional Investors Solution Benefits

  • Bespoke Digital Research: Customized analysis and investment expert support to answer your critical digital questions
  • Workflow Integrations: Seamless integration into your workflows through friendly UI, API, Excel and custom reports
  • Signal Friendly: Timely alerts and a unified dashboard to track companies and market changes

Similarweb Review: Overview of Features

  • Website data: visits, keywords, geography, referrals etc.
  • See traffic share according to channel (search, direct, display, etc.)
  • Keyword research tool (for both Organic & PPC)
  • Organic versus PPC keyword performance comparison
  • Competitor website traffic analysis
  • Engagement metrics: bounce rate, time on site, popular pages
  • See traffic share according to device: mobile and desktop traffic
  • In-depth competitor keyword analysis
  • Google Analytics “not provided” and “not set” keywords
  • Reveal competitor display ads and networks
  • Side-by-side website traffic comparison for as many as five sites
  • See conversion funnel pages, subdomains, landing pages
  • Visual charts and graphs for KPIs
  • Mobile app industry analysis
  • Mobile app popular keywords
  • Mobile app market ranking by category and country
  • Industry analysis tool, which includes keywords and traffic sources
  • Email and social media traffic reports
  • Data from Google Play and Apple App store
  • Mobile app traffic sources

Similarweb Review: Dashboard Reviews (domain wise)


Competitive Analysis: Understand your competitors performance with traffic and engagements metrics

Marketing Strategy: Compare marketing channels to benchmark and optimize acquisition efforts for direct, organic & paid search, referrals, social, email and display ads

Competitor Keyword Research: Reveal organic & paid keywords along with traffic share rank and landing pages for any site

Keyword Generator: Discover new keywords for SEO, PPC and content to see which sites are getting the largest traffic share from each keyword or keyword group

Best Performing Content: Gain visibility of the most viewed content of any site to understand how to drive and engage audiences

Affiliate & Referral Traffic: Reveal the affiliate partners driving traffic to your competitors to find new affiliates and benchmark your share of voice from each partner

Competitor PPC & Display Advertising: See which publishers, ad networks, creatives and landing pages your competitors are using to target their audience. Including display and video ads

Category Analysis: Identify the leading players, publishers and keywords in every industry and market to monitor your market share and find new growth opportunities


Competitive Benchmarking: Compare website and app performance against competitors to uncover new digital opportunities, and monitor market share and growth over time

Category & Market Analysis: Map the key players in any market, and understand changes in category visitation, engagement and marketing channels

Funnel Analysis: Uncover websites’ conversion to understand funnel leakage and performance, and identify marketing channels that drive the highest conversion rates

Best Performing Pages: Gain visibility to the most viewed content of any site to understand how to drive and engage audiences

Historical Data: Access data going back up to 36 months to run MoM, QoQ and YoY analyses


Lead Generator: Build targeted lead lists for Sales, Biz Dev and Partnerships teams based on dynamic metrics

Lead Qualification: Automatically enrich and qualify leads using advanced criteria to ensure the right leads are worked at the right time.

Workspace: See all relevant information about your customers and prospects in a single place. Create multiple lists to better manage and prioritize your pipeline.

Alerts and Buying Signals: Be automatically alerted to buying signals in your customers and prospects, allowing you to reach out when customers are more likely to purchase.

Web Performance: Get granular insight on any website and industry to better understand prospects, tailor your outreach and close the deal.


Watchlist: Timely alerts to identify the digital signals that matter for tracking on your investment watchlist

Deal Sourcing Engine: Seamlessly spot the emerging players and trends in your investment universe

Evaluation Dashboard: Company deep dive to quickly understand a digital strength and trajectory

Comparative Benchmarking: Apples-to-apples comparison of different companies to put the performance into context

Sector Analysis: High-level market and industry perspective to understand wider trends, outlier performers and more

App Analysis: Qualify any app by accessing its rank, audience interests, traffic sources, engagement and retention rates

Similarweb Review: Popular Integrations

Here is a list of some of SimilarWeb’s popular integrations:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Google Analytics
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • AdClarity by BI Science
  • Kompyte

Similarweb Review: Pricing:

There are 2 packs of SimilarWeb:

The Free Version includes the following features:

  • 5 Results Per Metric
  • 1 Month of Mobile App Data
  • 3 Months of Web Traffic Data

The Enterprise Version has the following features and cost which are customizable as per users requirements:

  • Unlimited Results per Metric : Identify year-over-year trends and benchmark app growth over time. Inform potential investment diligence with comparisons over time.
  • Up to 28 Months of Mobile App Data: Identify year-over-year trends and benchmark app growth over time. Inform potential investment diligence with comparisons over time.
  • Up to 3 Years of Web Traffic Data: Identify year-over-year trends and benchmark website growth over time. Quantify seasonal impact in order to plan campaigns.
  • Global and Country Level Data: Gain unparalleled insight into global and local performance. Benchmark against global and local competitors to understand your digital market share.
  • Desktop – Mobile Web Split: Understand a brand’s complete digital footprint to make more informed business decisions.
  • Mobile App Engagement: Benchmark market penetration, usage and demographics against competitors’ apps.
  • Popular Pages: Optimize site content for your target audience and according to recent trends.
  • Keyword Analysis: Analyse paid and organic traffic for any keyword, understand keyword market share & generate content based on trending keywords including ‘Google not provided’ keywords.
  • Industry Analysis: Benchmark yourself against the industry to inform your growth strategy and build a successful marketing plan.
  • Unique Visitors: Better understand the overall reach of a website in order to measure a brand’s total exposure.
  • Multiple Users: Enable multiple teams across the organization to access SimilarWeb PRO

The main differences between the plans are the number of results per metric, duration of mobile app and web traffic data, and access to premium features such as industry analysis. Fees for similar platforms range from $70 to $749/month depending on the features included.

Similarweb Review: Alternatives:

Serpstat: Smart and powerful tool for Backlinks Analysis, Rank Tracking, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Site Audit.

Alexa: Boost traffic and revenue with a full suite of SEO and competitor analysis tools. Discover new opportunities to find, reach, and convert your audience.

SEO PowerSuite: Get all SEO tools in one pack – download free edition of SEO Power Suite and get top 10 rankings for your site on Google and other search engines!

Moz: Moz Pro offers a full collection of SEO tools you can use to leverage your marketing potential and engage more meaningfully with your prospective clients and customers.

SEMrush: SEMrush is a keyword research tool that is beneficial in helping marketers make improvements to SEO and determine the value of keywords. It uses a project-based SEO campaign structure that analyses domains, tracks backlinks, and provides keyword recommendations.


If you are a site owner or an online marketing professional, SimilarWeb can provide competitive intelligence on your industry and main competitors. It enables you to learn what your competitors are doing, benchmark their performance and get a sense of your business landscape. For campaigns measurement and advertising decision making based on traffic size and conversion rate, you should pay close attention to the data estimates provided by SimilarWeb and decide whether or not they make sense compared to accurate data you get from Google Analytics for example.

With regards to audience geo profile, if you are interested in measuring worldwide traffic, SimilarWeb may be your best choice. Finally, when it comes to evaluating the percentage breakdown different traffic sources are driving to the analyzed site, SimilarWeb delivers a fairly accurate estimation. All in all, SimilarWeb is a must-have for “heavy-duty” online marketers.