PowerAdSpy Review: Best Facebook Ads Intelligence Platform 2022

In the past few years, social media marketing earned a lot of limelight. Hence today when we evaluate a competition on social media platforms, the first and foremost thing that strikes any marketer is to keep an eye on their adversary’s activities.

Nowadays every businessman uses social media sites for promoting their products to their targeted viewers; hence it makes one even more curious about how their competitors are using a Facebook advertisement or Instagram Promotion to make their product or brand more approachable to the audience.

There are many different kinds of Ad spy tools in the market. And different tools possess different advantages and have their own distinct sets of limitations as well. One must choose wisely and use the exact tool to garner the information they are seeking about in the cyberspace.

Why Should You Spy on Your Competitors

Whether you’re only just beginning your marketer master path or you already see yourself as the ultimate money game super pro, it’s always important to follow the market’s cutting-edge trends to stay on top, for which it is essential to keep an eye on your competitors’ ad campaigns.

Indeed, it is crucial to check which promo materials (banners, landing pages) other affiliate marketers are currently using. By analyzing how they do what they do, one is able to create a reformed strategy and earn big. Even the most profitable companies do spy on their competitors. This technique may seem insignificant at first, but can actually help you grow your business and help you to always think ahead in the social media game.

There’s a wide variety of them and we will make sure you select THE best one to do your research.

Today, we’ll create an article about Power ADSpy and how it can help you keep an eye on the advertisement traffic that your competitors generate on Facebook. These are the best tools to spy on your competitors’ ads so you can follow and understand their techniques and can use it to explore your spying skills to the max.

Power AdSpy Benefits

PowerAdspy gives you options for searching for relevant ads on Facebook. You can use their search and filter features by ad text, URL, page name, or user reactions from comments, affiliate network, ID or landing page technologies, etc.

PowerAdspy allows you to spy on all the campaigns of your competitors and track all their ads, creative, angles, landing pages from one single dashboard.

PowerAdspy allows one to see target market segments for every ad that draws their interest with a single click. One can also view ad reach, social engagement statistics and weekly trends all on the same page.

PowerAdspy guarantees to offer systematic advantages over your competitors and competitive prevalence for your company. It will adequately improve your Facebook Advertising Campaigns as it can find hidden niches and lucrative opportunities, removing all the hassle of content creation, identifying campaign targets, niche research and more.

PowerAdSpy Product Features

  • Filter By Ad Positions:User has full control to research through as many as ads they like, segment the Facebook Ads based on the position of appearances such as News Feed and Side Location which helps to analyze the ones that perform better in the chosen domain to best audience conversions.
  • Data Of Millions Of Ads From 15+ Countries:Power AdSpy has the largest and most speedily growing data with Millions of Advertisements freshly added to the database each day from over 15+ Countries. It empowers one to find the most recent and successful ads in a few clicks that helps one to access what’s working and what’s not.
  • Bookmark ‘The Best Ads’: It allows the user to bookmark ads they like with a single click and move them to the users’ personalized Ads inventory area, for faster search of ads and concepts that the user might want to draw inspiration from in their next ad campaigns. Bookmarking saves the user the time to search through the same ads over and over again.
  • Engagement Oriented Details: Power AdSpy delivers users with engagement oriented details of Facebook ads. These engagement details of social interactions help users to identify the ads which are eye-catchers in their interest domain.
  • GEO-targeted:Power AdSpy, backed by their Huge Datacenter of Millions of ads can provide precise information about the Geo-targets of the users’ competitors, which helps them to identify potential audience readily interested in their domain/product/services.
  • Complete visibility:Power AdSpy allows users to visit the live ad posts readily from the platform, to give users a crystal clear visibility of Ads analytics. One can visit and cross-check the audience engagement in real-time along with their opinion about the ads.
  • Narrow Down Your Searches:It is powered with an ability to search ads curated along with the users domain-related keywords, advertisers and also the domain of their target competitors. Users can also visit the top-performing advertiser/competitor and view almost every ad they are running.
  • Powerful Search Algorithm:Power AdSpy is backed by powerful search algorithms that help users find the exact ads they are looking for by searching for popular keywords/phrases/terms within the ads. Users can also sort ads by dates, shares, likes and comments to easily find the best ads to draw inspiration into their own campaign.
  • Combination of Videos and Image Ads: Videos are the latest ad strategies that are currently working best on Facebook. Power AdSpy taps on the video ads that the audience responds to the most and allows one to access the fastest growing category of Facebook Video Ads to download them for users own ad campaigns.
  • Call to Action Based Sorting:Power AdSpy allows users to figure out the best Call to Actions working in their domains, which are an important factor behind the success of their ad campaigns.
  • Search Shopify ADs Of Your Competitors: PowerADSpy helps users to search and find the most engaging ads run by successful Shopify store owners by providing full engagement details of the ads that can be used to analyze and create ones next ad campaigns and maximize the profits.
  • Search Ads With Exact And Relevant Keywords: PowerADSpy allows you to search ads with exact or relevant keywords searched by users and gives them the ability to explore ads from narrower to wider results for better analysis backed by the powerful Facebook Ads Analysis tool.

PowerAdSpy Pricing

They have 4 pricing packages

  1. The Free package allows users to access all the features up to 20 searches per month. Additional Trial Packs start at free of cost.
  2. The Basic Pack is for $49 per month and includes features like Keyword Search; Sort by Likes, Comment, Share, Newest, Running Longest; Data Interval Search and Bookmark. Additional Trial Packs start at $1.
  3. The Standard Pack for $99 per month has all features excluding the following – Tracking System; E-commerce Platform; Funnel; Filter by ios, android, desktop, mobile and Search by niche. Additional Trial Packs start at $7.
  4. The Premium pack at an offer of $249 per month (special offers can reduce prices up to $149) has all the features available. Additional Trial Packs start at $7.

Power AdSpy Dashboard Overview

PowerAdSpy is an extension that is downloadable for the user with a perfectly designed dashboard with fantastic user experience.

They have Dynamic Search Option when the user selects the drop-down from filters. In other spy tools, one needs to select the filters and search and scroll to click Apply button but in Poweradspy it is Dynamic Apply to Filters.

There are 3 filters in the Search Mode. They are Search Mode by

a) Keywords/Advertisers/Domain
b) Sort by Facebook Ads Engagement
c) Ads Seen Between by particular day/month etc.

In Filter Mode, one can view filter by Call to Action, Country, Ad Type, Ad Position, Gender, Age, etc. Particularly in CTA Filter and can filter ads by CTA like Shop Now, Watch More, Learn More, Donate, etc

Lander Properties in the PowerAdspy tool is a unique feature where the marketers shall hail the product. Users can find Facebook ads of the fellow affiliate competitors who are promoting affiliate offers via networks like Leadbit, Terraleads, etc.

Here one can get the ad copy of the advertiser, the URL used in the CTA or Ad Copy, Redirects & Outgoing URLs.

Also the Social media Engagement and the Gender Breakdown, Age Breakdown, Interests Targeted everything about the ad copy is explained in detail in the dashboard, available at a few clicks. The boards are self-explanatory and extremely user-friendly.

PowerAdSpy Free Trial

Power AdSpy is available for a free trial for 10 days duration for up to 20 searches, this allows users to understand the nuances of the extension and understand if it is required for their business. During the trial the user can access all premium features of the tool, setting a limit to only the search numeric. These features include : Keyword Search; Sort by Likes, Comment, Share; Newest, Running Longest; Data Interval Search; Bookmark; Call to action; Advertiser Search; Domain Search; Country Filter; Ad Type Filter; Ad Placement Filter; Gender wise Filter; Audience age; Ad Insight; Tracking System; E-commerce Platform; Funnel; Filter by ios, android, desktop, mobile and Search by niche.

PowerAdSpy Coupon Code (100 words)

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Alternatively, the following link:https://adspy.com/?a=4cb18b3 can get you a discount of 50% on PowerAdSpy premium account.

PowerAdSpy Alternatives List

There are various tools in the market (like Adbeat, AdEspresso, AdPlexity, AdsXposed, and Advault) to study users competitor’s advertisements, but, Poweradspy tool is simply the BEST!!

However, some other alternatives to consider are:

1. AdPlexity

It is one of the most reliable Ads spying tool available in the market to enable one to monitor their competitor’s promotional materials like banners and landing pages from different countries across the world. The interface comes in different versions like mobile, desktop, native and API. Some of the exciting features offered are banner Ads, pop-up redirects, landing page downloads, high-speed searches, access to affiliate networks, and downloads in landing pages and much more. Also here one can filter Ads based on many criteria like keywords, advertisers, publishers, affiliate networks and much more.

2. Anstrex

This tool offers users all competitive intelligence data, which they can make the best use of. With regular updates, their database is considered to be one of the richest ones. If one is interested in enhancing ROI and sales conversion, then spying on Ad competitors is very necessary and for that, such tools are important. This tool just lets one improve their ROI, by providing one with a screenshot of every adviser’s page, thus helping user to stand better in competition and also lets users download landing pages.

3. WhatRunsWhere

This tool will let users know where exactly the competitors are advertising and also what kind of ads they are using for their promotional activities. Users will also get to know about what kind of Ads are running best on the markets based on particular domains or based on keywords. So this tool provides users with a couple of benefits like checking out all top-performing Ads in the market based on their niche, investigate on the winning campaigns of competitors, find new traffic sources in order to reach out to a wider target audience, stay updated about the strength and weaknesses of competitor Ads.


PowerAdSpy is the most promising FB Ad-Intelligence Spy Tool that is available out there in the market. Poweradspy will easily Spy on users competition’s best Facebook ad strategies and one can simply use them for their own business. This easy to use fantabulous tool will solve all marketing problems, in ONE GO!!! It provides enough information for one to do PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological Analysis) and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis) analysis for one’s business. It can provide users with information on- who to target, how to target and when to target. All in one-stop-shop for the analytical and heuristic needs as far as marketing is concerned.